Updating company addresses

How to change your company's address details

To update your company address details on the Companies Register you must have a RealMe® login, an online services account with the Companies Register, and authority to update records on behalf of your company.

Addresses that must be kept up to date

The Companies Register must hold up to date addresses for your company's:

  • registered office
  • address for service, and
  • address for communication.

You must notify us at least 5 working days before a change of address for the registered office or address for service of your company is due to take effect.

You should update the Companies Register as soon as possible if your communication address changes.

Verifying your address

The address details you enter into the register are verified against the address recorded on the New Zealand Post database. You can enter the address manually if the address is not found in the database.

Processing your address change

Your old address remains on the Companies Register for 5 working days before it's replaced with the new address.

Update company addresses

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