Managing your annual return

Updating your details on the Companies Register each year

An annual return is not a tax return or financial statement — it's a yearly update of publicly available information about your company on the Companies Register. To remain on the register, you must confirm or update particular information when you file your annual return.

Filing an annual return

The information you include in your annual return must be authorised by a company director, or by a solicitor, chartered accountant or by a person authorised to act on behalf of your company.

Why you need to file an annual return

Every company on the register, including overseas companies, must prepare and file an annual return. If you don't file an annual return by the due date, the Registrar of Companies can remove your company from the register.

When your annual return is due

When your company becomes incorporated, we tell you which month your annual return will be due each year.

You can change your annual return filing month online and free of charge.

If it's your first year after incorporation

Your company doesn't need to file an annual return in the first calendar year following incorporation with the Companies Office.

For example, if your company becomes incorporated in 2020, your first annual return won't be due until 2021.

If your company isn't trading

Regardless of whether or not your company is trading, you must file an annual return each calendar year after incorporation.

If your company has stopped trading, you may want to consider applying for removal of your company from the register. Seek professional advice before taking this step.

If your company is registered overseas

All companies on the register, including overseas companies, must file an annual return.

Get an extract of your current information

When preparing your annual return, it can be useful to download an annual return extract which shows which information must be confirmed or updated.

How to file an annual return

Requesting a time extension to file a return

You can request a time extension to prepare and file your company's annual return.

Receive email or text reminders

Receive regular email or text message reminders during the month your company's annual return is due.

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