Searching using other applications

Make the most of our data with our APIs and NZAUConnect

Through our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), you can access data on the Companies Register in ways that speed up your business activities. If you regularly search for companies registered in Australia or New Zealand, then our mobile application, NZAUConnect can make this easier.

Using our APIs

Anyone who searches for large volumes of data on the Companies Register (or other Companies Office registers) could benefit from connecting directly to our data using an API.

Using our data through APIs

Searching for companies registered in Australia or New Zealand

Together with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC), we've developed a mobile application that lets you do a combined search of our Companies Register and the ASIC Register of Australian companies.

The application is free to download and free to search.

What you can search for

You can search for:

  • details of more than 2.5 million New Zealand and Australian companies
  • more than 1.7 million organisations on the Australian Business Names Register.

How to use it

Download NZAUConnect from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and follow these steps.

Google Play Available on the App Store

  1. Open NZAUConnect on your mobile device to see the home page.
  2. Choose to search for a company By name or By number. You can also choose to search in both New Zealand and Australia, or just one country.
  3. To see more information about a company, select the company name.
  4. Use the back arrow to return to the search results.

Filtering your results

You can filter your results by:

  • country — select the Australia tab or the New Zealand tab
  • registration status — to filter out unregistered companies and business names, select Display registered only.

Saving your results

You can keep a note of companies you want to find again, or send or copy a company's details.

On the screen showing the details of a company, select from the icons at the top right of the screen to add a favourite or share your results. To:

  • add the company to your list of favourites, select the Favourites icon then Continue
  • share the company details, select the Share icon — then choose to Email the details using your mobile phone's mail service or Copy the details so you can save them elsewhere.


If you get the message, 'Unable to connect', check that:

  • you're connected to Wi-Fi or your data connection is turned on
  • the Companies Register is online — a message about outages is normally displayed on our home page.

If the wrong data seems to be displayed in search results, try refreshing your search. We might have been updating the information for a company.

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