Filing director and shareholder consent forms

Completing the registration process

When you submit your online application for incorporation, you must register all company directors and shareholders. Each director and shareholder must sign a consent form and return it to to us for their registration — and the incorporation of your company — to be finalised.

A signed consent form for each company director and shareholder must be returned to us within 20 working days of submitting your online application for incorporation.

The forms must have been returned and accepted for registration before 5pm on the last working day of that 20 day period.

If all forms aren't received by the due date:

  • all information you've provided about your company, including director and shareholder details, is deleted from the Companies Register, and
  • you must begin the incorporation process again, including paying any fees.

Once you've entered your directors' and shareholders' details, we email you a consent form for each person to sign and return.

These forms are pre-filled with all the necessary information and can be:

  • saved to your computer and emailed to each director and shareholder, or
  • downloaded, printed and distributed for signature.

You can also download these forms from the My unfinished business application on your online services account dashboard.

Preparing director's and shareholder’s consents

If you prefer to prepare consent forms ahead of time, download these blank forms.


Each director must sign a consent form and, in doing so, certify they aren't disqualified from being appointed or holding office.


Shareholder consent forms should be signed by the shareholder themselves. In some circumstances, an agent or solicitor may need to sign a form on a shareholder's behalf.

Where an agent is signing

An agent must provide written confirmation of their authorisation to sign on behalf of a shareholder.

A copy of that authorisation must be submitted along with the consent form. The following example shows the authorisation wording we generally consider acceptable.

Where a solicitor is signing

A solicitor who holds power of attorney can sign a consent form on behalf of a shareholder.

In this instance, a certificate of non-revocation must be provided by the solicitor, along with the signed consent form. This certifies that the solicitor has current power of attorney to sign legally binding documents on behalf of the shareholder.

For each consent form you're returning, check that:

  • the document image is readable and of good quality
  • consent has been given on the correct form
  • the form is completed and signed, and
  • the director or shareholder details match those supplied in your application on the Companies Register.

Upload a consent form online

To return a consent form to us online, scan and save the form to your computer in a suitable file type and size.

Fax a consent form

You can fax a consent form at any time of the day or night.

Fax: 0508 266 736 or +64 9 913 4213

Tips for faxing consent forms.

  • Each time a document is faxed some of the quality is lost a