New fees and levies are coming for Companies Office registers

The Companies (Levies) Amendment Act 2022 was passed on 28 November 2022

The Companies (Levies) Amendment Act will introduce a new, consolidated charging model for Companies Office registers. It will allow us to collect levies from Companies Office users to help fund our registry system. We will still charge fees for specific activities on registers, like filing an annual return.

You will be able to have a say about the new fees and levies

The new fees and levies are likely to come into effect during 2024. Before then we will ask the public for feedback on the proposed new fees and levies. We will provide more information on this consultation next year, including how you can have your say.

Purpose of the new Act

The aim of the new charging model is to make the best use of the money we collect from users of our registers and provide more information about what the money is being used for. The new model will reflect the realities of running corporate and business registries in today’s world. It will also help achieve value for money in the Companies Office registry functions.

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