We’re making it easier for businesses to enter their Business Industry Code information

The Companies Office has updated the Business Industry Code (BIC) field to make it easier for you to input your BIC.

Feedback collected from a successful pilot programme for the annual return process allowed us to make improvements to the collection method for additional information, such as the BIC, in order to offer an improved customer experience.

You can now type or paste in the BIC, if you know it. Alternatively, you can still search for the description that best matches your company’s primary business activity to find the appropriate code.

This information is linked directly to the NZBN Register, so you won’t need to waste time repeating information when interacting or transacting with businesses or government agencies. By providing your NZBN to people you do business with, they will have access to your core business information and anytime you make a change to any of this information, your business networks will automatically be updated.

The NZBN is a unique identifier specifically created for businesses. It links to business information such as a trading name, phone number and BIC, which is held securely on the NZBN Register. The more information you make public on the Register the easier it is for businesses to work with you.

You can also use the additional information fields as an opportunity to promote your business. For example, relevant information such as a website address or phone number can be entered on the Companies Register.

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