Proposed changes to NZBN Primary Business Data

Small business Minister Stuart Nash on 8 May, 2018 announced the commencement of a public consultation on draft proposals to make the NZBN even better for Kiwi businesses.

The NZBN, a globally unique identifier available to all New Zealand businesses, links to core business information, known as Primary Business Data (PBD). This is the information businesses are most often asked to share — such as business name, phone number, address and website.

Why are changes to the PBD being proposed?

The draft proposals to amend PBD held on the NZBN Register are a direct response to feedback from Kiwi businesses. The consistent feedback has identified opportunities to:

  • improve the accessibility and usefulness of information on the NZBN Register
  • provide greater business transparency and
  • improve options for protecting individual privacy.

What are the suggested changes?

Over 60 change proposals have been outlined in the discussion document such as, adding a payment bank account number to facilitate finance and procurement transactions.

For more detailed information on the proposals please review the discussion document on the MBIE website.

If you’d like to make a submission on the proposed amendments to the PBD, submissions close on 20 June 2018. Instructions on how to make a submission are provided in the discussion document on the MBIE website.

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