Notice of intention to correct the register

Notice of intention to correct the Companies Register for 3 companies

I intend to rectify the New Zealand Register of Companies, in terms of section 360A(1)(a) of the Companies Act 1993 in relation to the following company on the application of the following person by deleting or replacing incorrect documents and otherwise adjusting the register.

Companies to be corrected


    Rectification will be by removing the Particulars of Director dated 28 May 2020 that showed Daniel James BAY ceasing to act as a director on 27 May 2020, the effect being Daniel James BAY continues to be a director. (Application by GRAHAM BROWN & CO LIMITED CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS).

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  • MATOHU LIMITED 1939432

    Removing the particulars of shareholders dated 24 February 2020. The effect of this is that Tuwhakairiora WILLIAMS will show as a continuing shareholder holding 60 shares in the company. (Applicant: the Official Assignee)

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    Rectification will be by amending the Update of Shares dated 4 March 2020 to show that shares have decreased by 592,691 and that the total number of shares are 218,769,344. (Applicant: Margaret Helen FIRTH).

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Any person who wishes to object must do so by 15 July 2020 (being not less than 20 working days from the date of this notice).

Dated this 17th day of June 2020


Registrar of Companies

You can object by sending an email to