New options now available when confirming your authority

Do you manage company information on the Companies Register? If so, please read this update carefully.

We’ve made some changes to the way you confirm your authority to manage information on the Companies Register.

A new director identification service – one of four ways available to confirm your authority – now allows you instant access to manage company information when you provide New Zealand driver licence or passport details for one of the company’s directors.

Please note, for the new service to work, the directors’ names on the Companies Register must match the details on their driver licence or passport exactly.

We’ve also adjusted the service currently called ‘registrar approval’. There is a new ‘Letter of Authorisation’ form, which requires a director’s signature to confirm you have delegated authority to act as an agent.

New letter of authorisation template [PDF 101KB]

Those requesting confirmation – using either the ‘director identification’ or ‘letter of authorisation’ options – will also be asked to provide evidence of their own identity.

The system will determine whether you’ve been previously verified and, if not, you’ll be prompted to provide your own New Zealand driver licence or passport details.

The changes at a glance

For a quick and easy summary of the recent changes, please refer to the table below.

Current methodNew methodWhat it means to you

Registrar Approval Service

  • Now called 'Letter of Authorisation'
  • You'll need to download the new letter of Authorisation.
  • A director’s signature is required.

Confirm your authority with a director who has authority over their own company (via email from the register)

  • No change
  • Quick and easy (depending on response time of the director).

Company key

  • No change
  • Quick and easy.
  • Not available for companies incorporated since 2010.

Doesn’t currently exist

  • Director identification
  • This method is instant, as it allows self-declaration by the director delegating authority.
  • Requires you have a copy of director's NZ driver licence or passport at hand.

What you’ll need to be ready

If you wish to make use of the new director identification service, you’ll need:

  • your director’s NZ driver licence or passport details.
  • your own driver licence or passport

To make use of the revised letter of authorisation service, you’ll need to download the new Letter of Authorisation form, which needs to be signed by your director.

New letter of authorisation template [PDF 101KB]

If you have any queries, please contact us via our dedicated email address which will be monitored by our Authority Management team, twice daily.

Alternatively you can contact us via our usual channels.

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