New advanced search features

We’ve recently made a number of improvements to our advanced search functionality in response to customer feedback.

Did you know that when you’re taken to the advanced search, the advanced search panel now opens on arrival?

Screenshot of the advanced search panel.

Other enhancements to the advanced search


We’ve added a new filter (shareholder status), and additional status values within the filters (allowing you to refine your search for current or former roles).

Screenshot showing the new filter (shareholder status) and status values

We’ve also made the values you select visible when the filter is closed.

Screenshot showing the values visable when the filter is closed

Search results

We’ve clarified the relationship between the director/shareholder role and company by adding a more explicit director/shareholder status for each result.

We’ve added different font colours to identify the status of a company (e.g. external administration).

Screenshot showing updates to search results screen.

We’ve also added an expand/collapse feature for searches so that the user can look for further details across each result with one click.

Screenshot showing new expand/collapse feature.

Entity search

We’ve improved the calendar picker for the incorporation date field.

Screenshot showing improved calendar picker on incorporation date field.


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